In French, the word Commune translates to the smallest territorial division. In English, it means people coming together. This is what we are all about. Sourcing food solely from our territory, and bringing people together through that food. Our bustling cafe in Virginia Beach’s Vibe District serves local, organic, seasonal, sustainable fare in an open concept and community seating style.

Commune is founded on the philosophy that great tasting food comes from only the most cared-for, high quality ingredients. Our finished product speaks for itself; when food is grown with respect, picked at its peak, served close to its source, and prepared with care, the finished plate is a culinary experience that nourishes and satisfies on many levels. The food, paired with a carefully curated Virginia wines and local beers in a casual, inviting atmosphere, makes us a stop worth making. Whether you’re visiting visiting Virginia Beach or a local looking for a great meal, come enjoy warm our hospitality and thoughtfully executed, creative cuisine.


Our emphasis is on freshness and purity of ingredients. We capture the highest level of flavor, by utilizing ingredients in season. Our methods highlight the importance of tradition and knowing our suppliers, from farmers to fisherman.



Owner: Kevin Jamison

General Manager: Willson Craigie

Executive Chefs: Angela Penttila & Reade Cartner