What Is Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA)

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Learn more about the benefits of CSAs and find out why you should join one!  Want the freshest, most delicious and nutritious veggies available? Then you should sign up for a CSA! Well, what even is a CSA? CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" to [...]

Eat Your Art

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 Written by Andrew Breitenberg The day I met Kevin in the early Spring of this year I remember telling my wife Mariah that I had a new mancrush on the guy that ran Commune. It was Mariah that told me about Commune in the first place – she said something like, “there’s this restaurant in [...]

Drinking Local: Yaupon Tea

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Written by Steven Schmucker You’ve probably seen Yaupon a hundred times without realizing it. A member of the holly family, Yaupon has the characteristic waxy, green leaves and bright red berries. If you don’t have Yaupon as part of your home’s landscaping, chances are you’ll find it down the street at the edge of some woodlands. [...]

Commune Salon: Kim Kills Kulture & Artist Nate Lahy

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Written by Steven Schmucker  The Commune Salon is a weekly meet up for creatives, artists, and art enthusiasts. Each week we invite an artist to bring in some of their recent work for an informal critique. The goal is to cultivate an artistic dialogue and give artists a platform to share their work with other [...]

Weekday Workshop

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Commune is starting up a weekly hang for local creatives on Thursdays at 2pm. Join us to talk about art, design, architecture, film, music, writing, food, farming, gardening... the idea is to cross-pollinate ideas across different disciplines and see where the conversation takes us. One meeting we might introduce a project of some kind that [...]

Preach the Cause, Don’t Just Sell the Product

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Written by Kevin Jamison I like to think that Commune came about differently than most small businesses; the dreams that it was fueled by, from the beginning, had nothing to do with profit, notariety, or success in a traditional sense. In the Fall of 2010, I was a full-time farmer and the director of educational [...]