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Local sourcing + quality ingredients

We put a lot of energy and thought into what we source and from whom, so that we can showcase the best items on our menu. If something is out of season or not available at the quality we need we just don’t use it.

We love that people are becoming more inspired to support a local farmer from their own community than they are to buy out-of-season ingredients from big box stores. Choosing to source ingredients locally helps our community in many ways. It boosts taste, freshness and nutritional quality as well as mitigates environmental damage since items don’t have to travel as long from our local farms to our table.

Our  relationships with local farms and organic purveyors as well as seasonal foraging, and our own garden are fundamental in crafting our menus. The time we spend tending our garden and visiting farms all over Virginia is time we happily spend, for it allows us to share the most pristine ingredients with our guests. Below is a list of our sources.


  • New Earth Farm
  • Mattawoman Creek Farms
  • Cromwell’s Produce
  • Cullipher Farm
  • Dave and Dee’s Mushrooms


  • Heratland Harvest Farm
  • Next Step Produce
  • Carolina Ground
  • Anson Mills
  • Pungo Creek Mills


  • Homestead Creamery
  • Sullivan’s Pond Farm
  • Oak Spring Dairy
  • Old Church Creamery
  • Mountain View Farm


  • Cartwright Family Farm
  • Spruill Brothers
  • Full Quiver Farm
  • Autumn Olive Farm
  • Pleasure House Oysters