As you’ve probably gathered by now, we use only in-season ingredients that we can source locally. This means we get to be really creative with our dishes – as they change day-to-day to stay in sync with the best tasting in season ingredients.

Our food philosophy is driven by simplicity. We would rather have you shocked by how delicious our tomato soup tastes than impress you with an exotic ingredient or flowery menu description.

We don’t just buy a few cases of tomatoes, or a bunch of kale when it’s available or convenient. Our entire menu depends on what is local and in season. This means that our menu changes constantly to evolve with the seasons.

We rely on the hardworking farmer who grew our turnips for flavor, the soil that produced our beets, the chicken that laid our eggs. This is core to how we make food. We can’t promise you that anything you have from Commune will taste exactly the same one day to the next. However, we can guarantee the quality we achieve and the depth of flavors is consistently unrivaled.

We work day-to-day with ingredients that have just been picked early that morning, or just been laid by a chicken. This fact defines our menu.

Our menu changes day-to-day. Because what is in season changes day to day, not every 3 months or 3 years.

With that said, some of the items you will most likely find on our menu include: salads, soups, sandwiches, crepes, breads, and pastries and so many other delicious dishes!

We offer a selection of both meat and vegetarian dishes.

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