In 2017, our owner Kevin Jamison, purchased New Earth Farm, along with three partners – Marion and Paul Schultz and Eric Cardon. New Earth Farm is a 21 acre, all natural, working and educational farm located in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach. As a farm-to-table restaurant owning our own farm really allowed us to come full circle with our mission. There are very few restaurants in the entire nation who can say they own a farm. Having our own farm has been a dream since the opening of Commune, and now that it is a reality, we can more easily spread the word about the importance of sustainability and how eating locally plays a big impact in reducing our carbon footprint.

At New Earth Farm, we grow food for Commune, as well as a few other restaurants in the area. We also have a Community Supported Agriculture Program, and host a variety of fun and educational classes throughout the year. Our onsite market is open five days a week and carries produce grown on the farm, as well as variety of other local goods – including grains, meats, cheeses, jams and more.

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Before we acquired New Earth Farm, we built a 2,000 square foot garden right behind our restaurant. While most of the growing now happens on the farm, we still use our “backyard” garden. We grow a lot of our herbs and garnishes here and it serves as a great educational tool for guests to come check out.

Not only is eating locally good for our planet, it’s undoubtedly the most delicious way to eat. Commune’s garden is┬ájust one way we bring you the freshest ingredients. Our menu features many things picked right from our garden. Many times it’s picked just hours before your order it. At the end of the season we preserve whatever bounty is left, so that we can serve delicious tomato sauce, picked okra, and dried herbs all year long!

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